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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Review of Braden Bell's Road Show

The Road Show is the debut novel of author Braden Bell.

My initial reaction to the title was not positive. I thought it would be cheesy. It was not. Rather, The Road Show takes us quickly and deeply into various challenges people commonly face and shows how the Atonement of Christ can answer those challenges.

This is not a long book. It does not need to be. Braden Bell establishes his characters, tells the story, and wraps it up without dragging anything beyond what it should be.

In just a few pages, Bell takes us into the lives of several people as they, through various motives, come together for the ward road show.

The power of this book is in the characters. I know them. Not that I got to know them in the book so much as Bell captures people I have known. Some of the charaters are me (how do you do the grammar for that?). The contact between real human situations and the characters in this little book is impressive.

I really enjoyed this quick read.

Buy the book here.

1 comment:

Braden said...

Thank you, Donny! I'm glad it got better after the title, and I appreciate you taking the time to review this!