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Anonymous said...

Hey Donny, 100 pages in, Great Yarn. Mike Wyatt

Anonymous said...

Donny, I finished Hanging By The Thread at about 2:30 am. I thought that I could read for a couple of minutes before falling asleep, but that plan failed miserably.

Completely enjoyed the story, particularly the way that you've managed to inter"twine" the knowledge about economics, freedom, and the Constitution into the story. This definitely adds some thought provoking moments as I compared this work of fiction with real-life current events.

Some people may skip the lectures at the end. I didn't. In the same way that I researched the history, locations, and traditions presented in Dan Brown's "The DaVinci Code", I enjoyed having the lectures to provide the background information to back up your story. This wasn't just a fairy tale made up out of the figments of your imagination. This could actually happen!

Nice job. Looking forward to the new series you're working on.

Scott Stewart
Arlington, WA

Greg & Jean said...

Great book Donny! I loved it! I'm excited for your upcoming books!